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If you have any questions, advice or recommendations, you can send me an email: [email protected]  (time zone: GMT+8).

You can

  • advertise on this website or do other forms of business cooperation (Current traffic: 10,000~14,000 visitors per day)
  • suggest topics to write on this blog
  • hire me to do freelance work. 40 USD per hour.
  • and so on.

Read This Before You Email Me

  • If you ask me to help you troubleshoot server problem, I expect to be paid.
  • You can ask me to write a tutorial, but I do not guarantee I will do it, especially if you ask a difficult question. (A donation may put your question on my priority list.)
  • This website is not for sale.
  • I don’t need a mobile app for my website.
  • I don’t sell or exchange backlinks.
  • I don’t accept guest post/sponsored post.
  • Note that I cannot promise to answer everyone.

For GPG Users

To send me an encrypted email, download my GPG public key.  You should verify the fingerprint of the key, which is 378C B32D 8AC7 D656 F389 61B1 752E 173A 3F8B 04F5. Don’t know how to use GPG? Follow my GPG guide.

If Your Email is Rejected

If your email is rejected by my mail server, then your mailbox provider will send you an automated message, telling you why it’s been rejected.

To filter out spam emails, my email server performs various checks before accepting incoming emails. If you self host email server, please make sure:

  • Your email server has valid PTR record.
  • The hostname of your email server is resolved to the IP address.
  • The IP address and domain of your email server are not blacklisted by spamhaus.
  • Set your SPF record correctly.

The exact spam filters are documented in this post. I don’t check my mail server log every day, so make sure you have a well-configured email server. If we all conform to the standards, email spam would be easy to block.

Users of Gmail, hotmail, outlook, yahoo mail, protonmail, etc can always pass my spam filter, unless you are blacklisted by me.


Last updated: May 10, 2022