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Rob Keyes

Rob Keyes manages content planning and processes, business development, social media, strategic partnerships, branding and PR for Screen Rant, Collider and Comic Book Resources (CBR). You may know also him from various television and radio appearances covering the superhero beat, co-hosting the Screen Rant Underground and Total Geekall podcasts - and now, the brand new PODCAST X - or founding and building Game Rant back in the day. Find Rob on Twitter @rob_keyes or @failcube and if you need to reach either site, he's your guy rob [at] screenrant [dot] com.

Rob Keyes is Canadian, the longest serving member of Screen Rant, has a Masters Degree in Economics and degrees is marketing and computer science, is an Adjudicator and Judge for the Canadian Videogame Awards and The Game Awards, and is the world's best TIE Interceptor pilot. You can see and chat with Rob live in the evenings at or see his videos at

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