One of the greatest mysteries in the history of One Piece, the real appearance of Dr. Vegapunk, the World Government's top scientist, has finally been revealed. After the first images of chapter #1061 were leaked on the internet, fans of Eiichiro Oda's best-selling manga have been reacting with both shock and enthusiasm to the unexpected revelation that Vegapunk is, in fact, a woman. Here are some of the best reactions to Dr. Vegapunk's first appearance, collected from Twitter.


Vegapunk has been a constant presence in One Piece, even if she never appeared before. Her inventions have an important role in the story, considering that basically every piece of advanced technology existent in the world of One Piece comes from Vegapunk. For the most part, Vegapunk's genius has been used by the World Government to build advanced weapons, such as the Pacifista cyborgs, or to conduct dangerous experiments, including research into the Devil Fruit powers and the "lineage factor". However, Oda decided to keep Vegapunk's actual appearance a secret for almost twenty years, making it one of the biggest mysteries in the series.

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Orojapan (@Orojapan2) is one of the most active One Piece-related accounts on Twitter, and he is usually among the first to share the Japanese scans of the new chapters. His tweet containing the final page of chapter #1061, where Vegapunk appears, has gathered a lot of responses, including the usual amount of memes. From the comments, not everyone believes that this is actually the real Vegapunk. Some fans think it could be his daughter, niece, or even a robotic body containing the consciousness of the original Vegapunk, considering the small but visible writing "Punk 02" on the character's dress.

However, the overall response to Vegapunk's gender reveal has been overwhelmingly positive. AnimeVivi (@AnimeNene_), pointed out that, recently, One Piece has been focusing on giving more prominence to female characters, considering the recent appearance of Boa Hancock, the teased return of Nefertari Vivi, and now the revelation that Vegapunk is a woman. This is a good argument against the accusation of misogyny that the series sometimes receives.

Twitter user Misa (@NguynNgcKimTh7) shared a hilarious meme that perfectly represents how Eiichiro Oda is still able to surprise his fans every time. The images depict Franky - the Straw Hat's cyborg shipwright who also has an important connection to Vegapunk - burning the projects of the Ancient Weapon Pluton to avoid them falling into the World Government's hands, but it adds the caption "fans theory" instead, showing that, no matter how long fans will theorize on the many intriguing mysteries of the One Piece world, the author will always be two steps ahead, and his full vision will only become clear at the end of the story.

The appearance of Dr. Vegapunk confirms that One Piece has kicked into high gear after entering its final saga. Over the course of the series, Oda has masterfully disseminated clues, hints, and references to dozens of mysteries that will all have to be explained by the end of the manga. Dr. Vegapunk is definitively one of these, and fans will be waiting eagerly for the next chapter of One Piece, where the scientist will hopefully share some of his secrets.