While Young Sheldonseason 6 can improve Georgie’s bleak story, this will require The Big Bang Theory spinoff to give Emily Osment’s Mandy more of a role in the show's plot. While Young Sheldon began life as a spinoff of the hang-out sitcom The Big Bang Theory, the show does not feel much like its predecessor in terms of tone. With no audience laughter, more dramatic storylines, and a focus on Sheldon’s dysfunctional family, Young Sheldon has a distinctly more dramatic bent than The Big Bang Theory.


While some of Young Sheldon season 5’s best episodes were simple, light-hearted adventures, most of the show’s long-running plot lines involved higher stakes and darker fare. There was the looming threat of Mary cheating George Sr with Pastor Rob, the confirmed inevitability of George Sr’s infidelity, and Georgie’s unfortunately mishandled relationship with Mandy. Of all the plot lines, it is the last one that Young Sheldon season 6 needs to fix the most.

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So far, Georgie getting Mandy pregnant in Young Sheldon season 5 has been presented as little more than another screw-up from the show’s resident troublemaker. However, this doesn’t need to be the whole story. If Mandy were to warm to her baby's dad-to-be, this could flesh out her thin character, show a new side of Georgie, and make this plot line less depressing. Georgie’s Young Sheldon season 6 storyline is guaranteed to get dark sooner or later since the character’s struggles with his brother were canonically worsened by his father’s death, an event that will need to occur in the spinoff. However, until then, impending fatherhood and attempting to foster a relationship with Mandy might make Georgie’s story less grim and make his love interest’s character more believable and relatable.

Georgie and Mandy’s Young Sheldon Plot Is Bleak

Georgie and Mandy’s love story began with a lie and got worse from there, as Georgie claimed to be older than he was to date his latest paramour. When Georgie told Mandy his real age, she immediately broke up with him, only to be left with no one else to go to when she realized she was pregnant. When Georgie announced this to his family, no one was supportive, with his church-obsessed mother Mary haranguing him for humiliating her and saying little positive about the prospect of becoming a grandparent. Since then, the subplot has been brutally sad considering Young Sheldon is a sitcom and could do with some light at the end of the tunnel. However, Mandy’s trip to the OB-GYN (accompanied by Meemaw, but not Georgie) was one light-hearted scene that mined laughs from this setup, while Georgie’s impassioned plea to help Mandy when he confronted her after the appointment was further proof that there is more than small-town sadness to this duo.

Young Sheldon Needs To Flesh Out Mandy

Emily Osment has been promoted to a Young Sheldon series regular in season 6, and this change comes not a moment too soon. Mandy being the mother of Georgie’s child means she plays a major role in Young Sheldon. However, compared to Georgie’s last Young Sheldon girlfriend Veronica (1883’s Isabel Fall), viewers have not yet learned much about Mandy, meaning that Young Sheldon season 6 needs to flesh out her character as more than a mere nuisance for the Coopers to handle. Young Sheldon season 6 must develop Mandy’s hopes, fears, and plans, removing her from her current status as Georgie’s love interest and turning Osment’s part into a character in her own right.

Georgie Could Grow Up In Season 6

Georgie’s youthful rebellion was fun for the first few seasons of Young Sheldon, but now it has had major, life-reshaping consequences. Georgie could mature in Young Sheldon season 6 while still staying true to his dimwitted, well-meaning character, and his relationship with Mandy could be instrumental to this character growth. While Young Sheldon’s more dramatic tone can result in the show taking its characters down surprisingly dark paths at times, this also means that the sitcom spinoff can take the growth of its cast more seriously. Thus, while The Big Bang Theory’s version of Georgie was not particularly well fleshed-out as a character, his Young Sheldon counterpart could be a more rounded, grounded take on the irresponsible older brother archetype if Young Sheldon season 6 depicts him trying to take fatherhood seriously.

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Why Georgie & Mandy’s Story Could Be Brutal

While it would be great to see Mandy become more than a problem and Georgie grow up somewhat in Young Sheldon season 6, the fact that Georgie’s The Big Bang Theory self didn’t have a great relationship with the mother of his child doesn’t bode well. Admittedly, Young Sheldon can change The Big Bang Theory’s lore and has done so before but, as a prequel to the hit sitcom, the show rarely ventures far from the story set up by its predecessor. As such, the fact that The Big Bang Theory’s version of Georgie has an acrimonious relationship with his ex-wife does not bode well for Mandy since this means that, even if she and Georgie do end up deciding to raise their child together, there are some seriously tumultuous times ahead in Georgie’s life (and this is assuming that Mandy isn’t the ex-wife who divorces him, which is a distinct possibility). Moreover, Young Sheldon has a taste for drama that not a lot of sitcoms can compete with, and keeping Mandy and Georgie at each other’s throats as opposed to letting them grow leaves more room for conflict in the spin-off.

While Young Sheldon’s Paige storyline proved that the show was able to give a potentially bleak plot a relatively hopeful ending, this was somewhat set in stone by The Big Bang Theory featuring no mention of the character. Young Sheldon always needed to explain why Paige was never mentioned on the later show, resulting in her comparatively upbeat ending writing her out of Sheldon’s life. In contrast, Georgie’s depiction as a divorcee in The Big Bang Theory only makes it easier for Young Sheldon to give his relationship with Mandy a tragic ending. This is a shame since Young Sheldon’s Georgie storyline could potentially offer both George and Mandy more interesting character arcs if The Big Bang Theory spinoff didn’t prioritize drama over growth.