A brand new behind-the-scenes Young Sheldon season 6 clip shows Sheldon and Missy goof off with their parents. Big changes are coming for the Cooper twins as they head to the new year of The Big Bang Theory spinoff. While the focus has been on Georgie after he accidentally got his girlfriend pregnant, previously-released details about Young Sheldon season 6 hint that the CBS comedy will also put a substantial amount of focus on George and Mary's youngest kids.


Young Sheldon season 5 has set down separate paths for the Cooper twins. For starters, they now go to separate schools after Sheldon started college at East Texas Tech, while her sister continues high school at Medford. On the heels of Georgie moving out of his room, Missy insisted that she took it over, effectively giving the twins their respective private quarters. Despite this, it seemed that they grew closer, especially as they bonded together amid the adult problems that the rest of the clan faced. In fact, the new Young Sheldon season 6 trailer sees them having a rather serious conversation about the downward turn for their family.

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To lighten things up ahead of the Young Sheldon season 6 premiere, however, CBSTV releases a new behind-the-scenes image on their official Instagram page of Iain Armitage and Raegan Revord with their TV parents, Lance Barber and Zoe Perry. This is part of the network's marketing campaign as the fall TV season kicks off. Check out the adorable snap below:

Looks Like Season 6 Won't Let Dramatic Storylines Overwhelm The Fun

This image is a nice reminder that, despite the rather dramatic turn of events for the Coopers, the cast is still having fun working on the CBS comedy. Recently, it has been confirmed that Young Sheldon season 6 will finally acknowledge that both Sheldon and Missy are full teens now, which means that they will be given more age-appropriate narratives. After years of slowing down the twins' aging process in the series, the network no longer has a choice but to accept the harsh truth that Revord and Armitage are growing faster than their on-screen counterparts. This means that, ultimately, The Big Bang Theory spinoff will have also actively set up George's cheating scandal and death as it moves up the timeline. Looking at this photo, however, both Sheldon and Missy appear to be kids again just goofing off with their parents, which might make some fans nostalgic.

Coming from the season 5 finale, the Coopers have a tough road ahead of them. Details for theYoung Sheldon season 6 premiere confirm they will continue to deal with lingering issues from last year, and it doesn't seem like there's an end in sight for those problems — at least, not just yet. But, hopefully, this fun image is also a reminder that despite that, fans can expect many lighthearted moments from Sheldon and his family. In any case, that's what makes the show so popular, its ability to balance comedy and drama.

Young Sheldon season 6 premieres Thursday, September 29 on CBS.

Source: CBSTV/Instagram