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   Published on 08/2022


The Data Science Prime Pack :-

Welcome to our comprehensive prime pack, which has been specially designed to assist you in learning the concepts of data science from scratch. To begin with, the prime pack will assist you in getting started with data analysis using popular programs like R and Python, covering the fundamentals of Python with data types, operators, control flows, and functions. You will learn how to apply 360-Degree Python and machine learning concepts and principles in the data science domain. This course offers lectures designed specifically for people interested in data analysis, Python, and the R programming language. You will learn to use Python to analyse data, do statistical analysis, develop meaningful data visualizations, and forecast future trends. This prime pack teaches both novice and experienced users how to apply the most well-known and powerful machine learning algorithms. After finishing this prime pack, you will be industry-ready for the role of data scientist, data visualizer, or data analytics engineer.

 The Future of Data Science and Machine Learning 

  • Data Scientist has been ranked the number one job opening on Glassdoor.

  • The average salary of a data scientist is over $120,000 in the US, according to Indeed!

  • According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, data science skills will fuel a 28% increase in jobs through 2026.

  • The data analytics sector is expected to add over 11 million jobs by 2026, with investments in AI and ML increasing in 2022.


        Why Should You Get This Prime?

  • Get familiar with Python fundamentals and advanced Python with data types, operators, functions, scripting, and libraries and start using Python for data science.

  • Systematically master the necessary concepts of mathematics, statistics, probability, and hypothesis testing.

  • Learn to transform data into a programme with data structures and algorithms using Python. 

  • You will learn how to execute data visualization and data analytics using R programming.

  • Identify and use the best machine learning models for data science using MATLAB and data processing.

  • Analyse data with Python easily with a robust Pandas library. You will learn how to perform visualization of data, charts, and filters.

  • Learn practical data science with statistical techniques and exploratory data analysis.


  • One course for Data Science and Machine Learning that covers everything from Advanced Statistics for Data Science to Mathematics for Machine Learning.

  • Learn problem solving and programming with Python skills that you'll need to succeed in the fascinating field of data science.

  • Learn about statistical and machine learning techniques by working with real-world datasets. 

  • Learn essential data structures and algorithms with Python stacks, queues, trees, and linked lists.

  • Learn how to use R for effective data analysis and visualization and write programs.


  • Basic knowledge of Statistics and Mathematics
  • Basic Programming Knowlegde 
  • Background in computer science or development, it would be beneficial.

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This Prime Pack Includes :

59.5 hours

9 Video Courses

2 eBooks

Lifetime Access

Certificate Completion
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